Tablets for everyone, finally?

When the first iPad came out, I was really doubtful: Even admitting i hadn’t been testing the device, I was not really convinced by the expected success it would meet… the market would not find room between smarphones and laptops. Lack of vision I had, as the public gave a warm welcome to the product, forcing other brands to dive quickly in the treasure cave.

Even though my thought slowly moved forward in favor of the tablets, I could not see how I would spend 350€ to 600€ in that kind of thing, knowing the portability would not balance the poor possibilities compared to my 13″ Laptop.

Well, I must say Archo’s last announcement could finally bring me to the dark side, as they say they will release a new set of devices in 2012, starting from 50€ !
Not much about it for now, (not even the size of the thing), but it will run Android 4.0. Give me a way to connect it through a mini usb port 2.0 and a space for SD cards, and I will really consider buying it !