Our society pushes us to buy stuff, mostly stuff that we don’t need. And there are some many temptation. There’s all industry around it, called marketing and adverting. Trying to trick our most basic instincts into buying.
Even we do acknowledge we sometimes still succumb to it, like a smoker to a factually well known full of potential diseases cigarettes. And let’s avoid the drug addict and his too much used needle.

I was raised in a house where there’s nothing too much. The living room is simply two sofas some lights and that’s about it. I’m used to minimalism. Nothingness.
My apartment now is more or less on the same vein. There’s a bit more than what I used to live in, but still quite the minimal.
And I feel good like that. Everytime it’s get cluttered my mind’s not free, it feels like in a traffic jam. Once it’s cleaned and mostly importantly sorted, I feel much better.

And yet, I’m tricked into buying things I don’t really need. Sometimes I can reason myself but it’s more often than not a close call.
Why’s that?
Advertising and buying is so powerful. And there’s also the factor of personal distress through work and family event that buying stuff is an act of relief and brings a huge amount of joy… but for a short stint.

With hindsight I’m quite grateful for my upbringing environment , it saved me quite some money by now.
I pity those who didn’t have my luck, because to be brutally honest, I’m not sure I would be as minimalistic if I had had another life environment. By the same token I can only imagine how hard it can be for someone who’s been in a heavy consumer logic his hole life, from his or her first baby step up until now.

There are some resources now on youtube that helps with that, it becomes a bit of trend that I sincerely hope will grow. But it comes as well about saving our planet from over-consumption.

2019 is a year where I feel I need to “re-adjust myself” and this will be one of the topic. I’ll try to get down to further minimalism while still enjoying life to the fullest – an equation I think is perfectly manageable – and will provide you with some updates along the way.

In the meantime, try to simplify your life, you don’t all what’s in front of you right now. For sure.

Declutter your life.