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A word on the site spirit and copyrights:

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All the pictures you see on theroadagain.eu are my property, as the idea is to use only photos I took. In case you still find a picture that could be yours and want it removed, feel free to contact me. That also works for any mistake you spot !



Q&A about A place a day’s guideline:

  • A pic, A day, one picture? Yes I can shoot 100, I just pick up the one I like for every day.
  • Some are great, some could really use an editing tool! Well, I know my photos will not often blow you away… but that’s not the aim, and it is a long term project. I am sticking to “light editing“, meaning crop + maybe contrast and levels equalisers, but this is not a commercial. Pros will be sorry to read I shoot mostly in JPEG and not in RAW for the same reasons.
  • Give me a bit of flavor, what do you use? The camera is a Nikon D5100 with a classic Nikor 18-55mm DX, a 18-70mm DX, or a 50mm f/1.8 G. I can sometimes use my phone camera, a Motorola Defy+. On the software side, I edit my pictures with Photoshop.


About the author:

I am Kevin D. and I live in Belgium. I studied Communication and currently work in Brussels in the IT sector. I am from the French-speaking part of the country, but I also speak English and Dutch. I am fond of travels and road trips, and this doesn’t need to always be abroad.